Political law links for Tues., Jan. 31, 2012

OFA GETS SQUARE.  Story here.  “Campaign personnel are being issued Square mobile credit card readers, allowing them to process donations with their iPhone or Android phones, a campaign official tells POLITICO. The rollout will happen nationwide, and involve staff at all levels.”

SUPER PAC IMPACT.  Roll Call.  “Super PACs backing Newt Gingrich have dominated media coverage of the GOP Florida primary that will be decided Tuesday, but their effect is starting to look less than super.”

STOCK ACT MOVES.  Story here.  “The Senate voted, 93-2, on Monday night to kick off debate on the measure.”

EYE OF THE TIGER SUIT.  Story here.  “Newt Gingrich might feel like Rocky Balboa when he takes the stage at campaign events to Survivor’s 1982 hit ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ but it’s the co-writer of the song who is ready for a fight.”

COLBERT DISCLOSES.  Story here.  “Between July 1 and Dec. 31, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow collected more than $825,400, ending the year with nearly $674,000 cash on hand, according to disclosures filed over night with the Federal Election Commission.”

PERRY BURN RATE.  Politico.  “Texas Gov. Rick Perry burned through the bulk of a once-sizable campaign war chest late last year in what became an increasingly desperate attempt to right his listing — and ultimately doomed — presidential campaign, federal financial disclosures released late Monday show.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH.  Story here.  “The progressive San Francisco-based phone company known as CREDO Mobile today launched a super PAC to oust a cadre of conservative House Members that it’s calling the ‘Tea Party Ten.'”

NEW SUPER PACS.  Story here.  “There’s a new phenomenon in Washington: the Hispanic super-PAC, which aims to give political voice to the nation’s fastest-growing demographic.”

DURKEE HEARING DELAYED.  News from the Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission here.

COLORADO REPORTING NEWS.  Story here.  “The Colorado Legislature acted quickly and in bipartisan fashion today to require biweekly campaign finance disclosures in advance of this year’s primary elections in June.”


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