Political law links for 2/2

SENATE RULES AND SUPER PACS. Story here. “Now, Senate Democrats, led by New York’s Charles Schumer, chairman of the Senate Rules Commitee, say they’re going to investigate super PACs and the rules that govern them.”

SUPER PACS:  WHO’S GIVING?  USAT.  “Nearly two-thirds of the $95 million that flowed into super PACs driving presidential and congressional politics came from wealthy individuals, challenging the notion that money from corporations is dominating the 2012 election, a USA TODAY analysis shows.”

STOCK ACT MOVES. The Hill. “House Democrats are attempting to circumvent GOP leadership and force a vote on legislation banning insider trading by members of Congress.”

STOCK ACT LARD.  Politico.  “Democrats and Republicans have proposed an avalanche of populist-tinged amendments and poison pills certain to become fodder for 30-second attack ads.”  ALL’s press release is here.  Another story here.


LOBBYIST BUNDLER BAN PROSPECTS.  The Post.  “Obama has made several specific proposals for lobbying reform in his State of the Union addresses, but none have come to pass.”

LIGHTSQUARED AND GRASSLEY.  Story here.  “LightSquared’s owner fired back Tuesday at Sen. Chuck Grassley’s suggestion that an associate of the broadband company tried — if ever so clumsily — to bribe the senator.”

TODAY’S MEETING AT THE FEC. The agenda for today’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

FB IPO BRINGS FOCUS ON PAC. Politico. “Top officials at Facebook pumped $170,000 into the company’s new PAC in 2011 — a sure sign that the company is ready to be a political player as it prepares for its IPO this year.”

FCPA SETBACK.  The Post.  “A federal jury in the District this week acquitted two men and was unable to reach a verdict against three others on charges that they tried to bribe foreign officials to win business — the latest courtroom setback for the Justice Department in its largest sting operation targeting such illegal payments by U.S. citizens.”

FL DELEGATE MEMO.  Story here.  “Amid a growing number of questions from some RNC members – and one former RNC chairman, Michael Steele – top party officials sent members a memo today explaining the committee’s position on whether Florida is a winner-take-all state that’s lost half its delegates as punishment for calendar-jumping, or whether its delegates should be allocated proportionately.”

DISCLOSURES HIGHLIGHT… SECRECY.  The Times covers super PAC filings.



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