Political law links for Wed., 2/8

STOCK ACT MOMENTUM.  Roll Call.  “Even while Congress sprints to pass a major reform bill that gained momentum following one media exposé, the hits keep coming.”

STOCK ACT EMBITTERS.  The Hill.  “Popular legislation to curb insider trading by lawmakers took on a contentious and partisan edge Tuesday, with Nancy Pelosi and Eric Cantor coming under attack.”

RICK ROLLS.  Politico.  “Just in case the 2012 Republican primary race hasn’t already had enough twists and turns – welcome back, Rick Santorum.”

TIMES ON SUPER PACS.  Editorial here.  “But now Mr. Obama has given up that higher ground. He had already undermined the public financing system for presidential campaigns by refusing to use it in 2008, but this is much worse. In that campaign, he at least forswore money from independent groups and lobbyists. Now he is relying on a super PAC that can accept money from anyone.  He is also telling the country that simply getting re-elected is bigger than standing on principle.”

DONOR HUNT.  The Times.  “Leading Democrats have commenced a furious drive to galvanize and expand the network of wealthy liberal donors that has been largely dormant since 2004, hoping to recruit them to Democratic-leaning ‘super PACs’ that President Obama now believes will be critical to winning re-election in November.”

CU LETTERS.  A letter to the editor of the Post from Floyd Abrams is online here.

DESIGNER PRODUCTS AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  WSJ.  “ttendees can purchase a tote bag designed by Derek Lam for $75. A collectible makeup bag created by Richard Blanch with nail polish in Red-y To Win Red, Victory White and Bo Blue is going for $40. And a silk scarf featuring Mr. Obama’s likeness by Thakoon Panichgul is $95. Profits from the sales will go to Mr. Obama’s campaign chest.”

ETHICS RULING IN MT.  Story here.  “A state district judge in Billings has upheld a ruling that Public Service Commissioner Brad Molnar, R-Laurel, violated state ethics laws in 2008 and should pay nearly $20,700 in fines and costs.”

CONVICTION IN PA.  Story here.  “A jury on Monday convicted a senior Democrat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on all but one of six charges in the latest corruption trial stemming from a five-year investigation into the use of taxpayers’ resources for political purposes.”


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