Political law links for 2/9/12

LOBBYIST BUNLDER OR NOT.  Free Beacon explains.  “After a WFB exclusive, Ron Klein tells NBC’s Michael Isikoff that he plans to immediately de-register as a lobbyist for Spirit Airlines Inc., saying he never meant to register in the first place.”  Roll Call has more here.

PAC MONEY SOURCES.  Roll Call has a story on a new PIRG report.  More from Politico here.

SUPER PAC DONOR SPOTLIGHT.  The Times.  “Few people played a more pivotal role in Tuesday’s turn of events than Mr. Friess. An investor who made millions in mutual funds and now lives in Wyoming, he is the chief backer of a ‘super PAC’ that has helped keep Mr. Santorum’s candidacy alive by running television advertisements on his behalf.”

STOCK ACT CHANGES.  The Hill.  “White House press secretary Jay Carney accused House Republicans of ‘caving to pressure from Wall Street lobbyists’ by removing a provision from upcoming legislation that would require political intelligence firms to be registered as lobbyists.”  More on changes to the law here.

STOCK ACT VIEWS.  The Times.  “So far, the House measure still includes the Senate requirement for greater disclosure of financial transactions by lawmakers and thousands of executive branch officials. That is not enough. If the goal is to root out corruption, and raise the public’s low opinion of Congress, the House should approve the full range of reform in the Senate bill.”  The Post:  “The House of Representatives is expected to take up Thursday a useful measure to prohibit insider trading by members of Congress and to beef up disclosure of lawmakers’ financial transactions. Unfortunately, the version of the measure produced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) omits one of the most important parts of the bill passed by the Senate: a provision that would restore prosecutors’ ability to go after official corruption.”

OH SUPER PAC.  News here.  “A nonpartisan, Texas-based Super PAC called Campaign for Primary Accountability is sending mailers and robo-calls to Cuyahoga County that urge voters to back Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich in the March 6 primary election.”

ANOTHER SUPER PAC PACT?  Politico.  “Sen. Jon Tester is challenging his Republican opponent to accept a cease fire on spending by super PACs and other third-party groups in what promises to be one of the Senate’s most contentious races.”


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