Political law links for Tuesday, 2/28/12

CAMPAIGNS PROTECTING TWEETS.  E.politics.  “Since the account owner of a protected feed has to approve everyone who wants to follow it, he or she can make sure that it’s restricted only to campaign volunteers.”

ALERT ON CFTC PAY TO PLAY RULES.  Allen & Overy’s alert on new CFTC rules for swap dealers is online here.

WINDOW INTO (C)(4)’S.  OpenSecrets.  “For all the talk about super PACs this election season — their influence in keeping some candidates afloat, their ability to accept unlimited contributions from almost any source, the handful of millionaires and billionaires who are their primary funders — they are not at the top of transparency advocates’ list of horrors. That’s because super PACs have to disclose their donors to the public.”

EARMARK UPDATE.  “With an increasingly gloves-off, partisan mentality permeating the Senate, an amendment targeting a 2005 earmark for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) could pose political problems for Democrats and for Reid’s home-state colleague, GOP Sen. Dean Heller.”


LOBBYISTS AND D SUPER PACS.  Story here.  “Democratic lobbyists who have been barred from fundraising for President Obama’s campaign are showing little interest in donating instead to a super-PAC that supports him.”

ADELSON GIVES.  The Post.  “The source, who requested anonymity to speak freely, did not confirm the amount of the contribution but called it substantial and at least on par with two $5 million donations Adelson and his family have given previously.”

ROMNEY BURN RATE.  The Post.  “‘The bottom line is that a lot of consultants are making a lot of money from Mitt Romney, with mixed results,’ said one unaffiliated GOP campaign finance lawyer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid.”

NEXT FOR STOCK ACT?  Politico.  “Senate Democratic and GOP leaders are considering taking up a House-passed version of legislation barring insider trading by lawmakers and congressional aides, a move designed to break a deadlock over the high-profile reform bill.”

CAMPAIGN NASCAR SPONSORSHIP.  Story here. “Tony Raines, the journeyman driver at the wheel of the No. 26 Ford Fusion car sponsored by Santorum’s campaign in Monday’s race, unofficially finished 19th.”  Here‘s a shot of the car.

NO WALKER CHALLENGE TO PETITIONS.  Story here.  “Gov. Scott Walker will not challenge any of the 1 million signatures filed by opponents seeking to recall him.”

MINNEAPOLIS LOOKS TO DC.  Story here.  “With increasingly tighter budgets, the city of Minneapolis recently approved a 12-month contract with a new lobbying firm in hopes it will continue to attract federal dollars.”


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