Leap day political law links

FEC MEETING AGENDA.  The agenda for Thursday’s meeting of the Federal Election Commission is online here.

SPENDING ON SOLYNDRA.  Politico.  “House Republicans love hyping the half-billion dollars they say the Obama administration squandered on Solyndra’s loan guarantee.”

SUPER PAC RACE DYNAMICS.  National Journal.  “The super PAC ad campaign gives the onetime House speaker hope that he can still capture the nomination—and underscores the new reality of presidential campaigns.”

MORE FROM MT.  The Times.  “Montana’s campaign spending law arose from a history of fighting political corruption. The suits attacking it have drawn national attention. At stake is whether state elections will be decided by corporations that are allowed to spend unlimited amounts to influence the results.”

NYC AIDE ARRESTED. Story here. “The campaign treasurer for City Comptroller John C. Liu was arrested on Tuesday as a part of a widening investigation into Mr. Liu’s fund-raising practices.”

LA SAYS LEASE A VIOLATION. Story here. “The Louisiana Board of Ethics says Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph’s rental of her Grand Isle camp to BP after the Deep Water explosion violated the law.”

SAD ENDING IN SC. Story here. “A well-known South Carolina restaurant industry lobbyist whose body was found Tuesday appears to have killed himself with a gunshot to the head, authorities said.”

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