Political law links for Wednesday, March 14, 2012

R HEAD START ON SUPER PACS. The Times. “With the general election campaign just a few months away, Mr. Obama’s allies are under growing pressure to raise money rapidly for Democratic-leaning independent groups, warning his supporters that the huge cash advantage mustered by Republican groups could prove decisive this fall, overwhelming Mr. Obama despite his own formidable fund-raising apparatus.”

ALL NOTES TONE. Story here. “The American League of Lobbyists (ALL), a trade group representing the industry, is calling on President Obama to tone down the anti-lobbyist rhetoric — blaming him for a rise in unregistered ‘consultants’ and ‘advisers’ doing de facto lobbying work.”

ANOTHER SUPER PACT? Politico. “The third Senate Super PAC proposal of the cycle comes from Tim Kaine.”

UNION ENDORSES. Politico. “In a widely expected move, the AFL-CIO, the largest labor organization in the United States, endorsed President Obama for reelection Tuesday.”

LEAVING THE BIZ.  The Hill.  “GolinHarris is getting out of the lobbying business.”

PUSA RAISES $2 MM.  Story here.  “Priorities USA Action, President Obama’s pet super PAC, raised $2 million in February — half of it from comedian/HBO talk show host Bill Maher.”

OH LAWMAKER RESIGNS. Story here. “Charges stemming from an FBI investigation that includes bribery forced Ohio House Representative W. Carlton Weddington to resign his Columbus district seat Tuesday.”

DC PROBE IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “A federal grand jury has subpoenaed some of the campaigns of D.C. Council members for records related to political donations and gifts from the city’s largest contractor and his business interests as part of a widening federal probe into campaign finance irregularities.”


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