Good morning, here are political law links for Wed., March 21, 2012

IE UNIT CHIEF NAMED.  Roll Call.  “House Republicans are appointing three top operatives to manage the vast majority of their campaign spending this fall, including the first woman to run a GOP Congressional committee’s independent expenditure unit.”


CAMPAIGN FINANCE’S NEW ERA.  C&E.  “Five of the nation’s top campaign finance lawyers reflect on Citizens United and the new world of money and politics.”

MONEY EDGE GOES TO…  Story here.  “The Republican primary has become a massive money vacuum, while giving President Barack Obama time to stockpile a huge war chest.”

STOCK ACT MOVES.  Story here.  “Seeking to break a deadlock on a high-profile reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has moved to force a Senate vote on legislation to bar insider trading by lawmakers and staff.”

X-RD$.  Story here.  “Conservative mega-super PAC American Crossroads’ mountain of cash just keeps growing and growing.”

FEC AGENDA.  The agenda for today’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

SUPER PACS SPEND.  The Times.  “The Republican presidential candidates are running low on campaign cash as expensive primaries in states like Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania loom, leaving them increasingly reliant on a small group of supporters funneling millions of dollars in unlimited contributions into ‘super PACs.'”  The question is, when will the Times stop with the scare quotes…

SUPER PAC FUNDS.  LA Times.  “Adelson’s massive contributions were rivaled by those of conservative Dallas investor Harold Simmons, who with his wife, Annette, and company, Contran Corp., has given a total of $15.4 million to a variety of GOP super PACs.”

NJ AND ETHICS.  Story here.  “In all seriousness, though, while it is encouraging to know that a few years of reforms have perhaps had an impact on government in this state, it’s just a little hard for New Jerseyans to see the Garden State through the same prism that the Center for Public Integrity used in giving our state the highest grade among all 50 states — a B+ — for good government.”

WALKER AIDE PLEA.  Story here.  “A former aide to Republican Gov. Scott Walker from when he was the Milwaukee County executive pleaded not guilty Tuesday to four charges alleging that she campaigned for political candidates during her publicly-paid office hours.”


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