Friday’s political law links

STOCK ACT PASSED. News here. “The Senate voted 96 to 3 to pass a watered-down STOCK Act, which would bar members of Congress, their staff and some federal workers from profiting from non-public information obtained through their jobs.” President Obama’s statement is here.

PERRY PAC ADVISORY OPINION. Story here. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been given the go-ahead to create a new political action committee or super PAC with the leftover funds from his failed presidential campaign.”

CHAMBER AND SUPER PACS.  Politico.  “Conservative super PACs are threatening the Chamber’s status as the premier outside group.

CROWD SOURCING FCC DISCLOSURE. Story here. “ProPublica’s crowd-sourcing solution invites volunteers to sign up to go their local stations and make scans of the political ad files, which stations are required to make public. In the trial run of the project, volunteers went to five Chicago-area affiliates and posted their findings.”

ALL ON LOBBYIST DEFINITION. The Post. “Washington lobbyists are making a strange request: more regulation of lobbying.”

SOLYNDRA FACTS.  The Post.  “We find it hard to believe that any reasonable person could interpret Obama’s remarks this week as anything but a distinct effort to put the blame for Solyndra in some one else’s pocket. The president should accept responsibility, not shirk it.”

WAGNER V. FEC. I attended yesterday’s argument in Wagner v. FEC, a challenge by individual federal contractors to the ban on contractor contributions. Judge Boasberg had some probing questions for both sides, and at the end of the argument indicated that he hoped to rule on the preliminary injunction shortly. More on the case here.

CAMPAIGN IN THE SHADOWS IN DC. The Post. “The federal investigation into Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 election now includes a focus on an alleged get-out-the-vote effort that was not publicly reported and that several campaign workers have called a ‘shadow campaign,’ according to people with knowledge of the probe.”


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