Political law links for Wed., April 4, 2012

LIBYAN LOBBYING.  The Hill.  “The first Washington firm to sign up with the Libyan rebels during the successful revolution against Moammar Gadhafi will no longer be working for free.”

RECESS AND K ST.  Politico.  “It might be Easter recess for Congress, but that doesn’t mean K Street is taking a break.”

SUPER PACS AND DEMOCRACY.  Ross Douthat in The Times.  “But based on what we’ve seen over the last few months, big-dollar donations to underfunded candidates look like a case where more money in politics might be just what the democratic process needs.”

LEGISLATION URGED ON SUPER PACS.  Fred Wertheimer in The Post.  “Candidate-specific super PACs are returning this nation to the system of legalized bribery of federal officeholders that existed before the Watergate scandals. Congress can prevent this from happening, provided members have the will to do so.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE APP.  Story here.  “Michigan’s campaign finance records will be available to iPhone and iPad users, thanks to a new App.”

LOBBYIST ALLEGATIONS IN TX.  Story here.  “Rep. Jim Keffer, chairman of the powerful energy resources committee, and Rep. Vicki Truitt, chairwoman of the pensions committee, filed the complaint against Empower Texans, also known as Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. The lawmakers allege that the group’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan, failed to register as a lobbyist and that the nonprofit failed to file a required campaign finance activity disclosure.”


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