Political law links for Wed., April 11, 2012

T-PAW TERMINATION.  Roll Call.   “Ex-GOP presidential candidate and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has retired his campaign debt and filed papers to terminate his committee.”

SANTORUM’S FINANCES.  Politico.  “Campaign adviser John Brabender this month said Santorum would report $1.2 million cash on hand when reports covering March are filed by next week.”

CPA UPDATE.  The Post.  “The Campaign for Primary Accountability, a super PAC, plans to file paperwork this month with the Federal Election Commission clarifying that Cantor’s donation from his own political action committee was intended only to support Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a freshman who ousted Rep. Don Manzullo in a primary that resulted from the decennial redistricting process.”  More here.

FEC AGENDA.  The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

JURY SELECTION IN EDWARDS CASE.  Story here.  “Now the former U.S. senator and two-time Democratic presidential candidate is making the biggest courtroom gamble of his life — that a jury will clear him of alleged campaign finance violations and keep him from being sent to prison.”

EXPANDING WHAT IS LOBBYING IN MA.  Story here. “Public relations and communications specialists and any chief executive officers who regularly lobby lawmakers will be required to register as lobbyists, under a definition-changing bill that House lawmakers may consider as soon as Wednesday.”

PUBLIC FINANCING IN NY.  Views here.  “In a government where all people are supposed to be created equal, that’s unfair. And it needs to change. In short, we need public financing of political campaigns.”

HALEY INQUIRY.  Story here.  “Republican Gov. Nikki Haley will face an ethics inquiry after a Democrat complained that her campaign incorrectly reported more than $1.3 million in contributions.”


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