Monday’s political law links and an upcoming feature

SUPER PAC PACT EDITORIAL.  The Times.  “Congress could also require disclosure of donors, and end the coordination between outside groups and political parties. That is increasingly unlikely, however, as long as some members of Congress owe their elections, and their allegiance, to the same groups.”

NEW VOTER ID LAWS.  The Times.  “Advocates of the new laws, which have been passed in about 30 states since the last presidential election, say they are necessary to prevent voter fraud. They include tougher voter identification requirements and more rules about where and how groups can register new voters.”

RECALLS IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “The same national groups flooding the streets and the airwaves in Wisconsin — the Koch-supported group Americans for Prosperity on the right, the A.F.L.-C.I.O., teachers unions and the United Steelworkers on the left — are emerging as important outside supporters of President Obama and Mitt Romney, each side empowered by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.”

WALMART AND ALEC.  Story here.  “The boycott ALEC movement has turned its sights on Walmart, finding new allies among the retailer’s longtime opponents.”

WSJ’S GUIDE TO GIVING.  Here.  “Whether you’re a big donor who wants to contribute beyond what you’re allowed to give to candidates and their parties, or a donor of any size looking for a different way to contribute, here’s what you need to know before giving this time around.”

SOLYNDRA IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “Republicans are hoping to keep Solyndra alive this summer with a series of hearings and legislation to reform the Energy Department loan guarantee program.”

LATEST ORDER IN VAN HOLLEN.  Here.  “Prior to the promulgation of the regulation that was struck down, there was a valid regulation in effect implementing the BCRA’s disclosure requirement. 11 C.F.R. § 104.20(c) (effective Feb. 3, 2003 to Dec. 25, 2007); 68 Fed. Reg. 404, 419 (Jan. 3, 2003); see also Mem. Op. at 4–5. In light of the Court’s ruling, that regulation now governs the disclosures required under the BCRA.”

COMING SOON:  POLITICALLAWJOBS.COM.  Stay tuned for news on my new project.

ETHICS MOVES IN CHICAGO.  Story here.  “Whistleblowers will get more protection and city employees will be required to report corruption under proposed changes to Chicago’s ethics ordinance that will be announced Monday.”

ALLEGED MD REIMBURSEMENTS.  The Post.  “Beginning a little more than a year into his first term, Fosselman made small donations to 13 political campaigns and sought town reimbursements for the contributions. The practice continued for 10 months, until the middle of 2008. Over that time, he donated more than $1,100 to fundraisers in Maryland and had almost all of it reimbursed, according to interviews and town records.”

MI SUPER PAC UPDATE.  Story here.  “Although a dozen super PACs have been set up in Michigan, it remains to be seen how influential they will be in state politics.”

AIDE RESIGNS.  Story here.  “The top aide to North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis said Friday he has resigned after a newspaper questioned his relationship with a registered lobbyist.”


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