Political law links for Tues., May 1, 2012

COMPLAINT FILED. Politico. “Two congressional watchdog groups lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission Monday alleging that GOP Rep. Aaron Schock violated federal campaign rules when he solicited a $25,000 donation from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to be used in a bitter Republican-on-Republican primary.”

FL PARTY SANCTIONED. Story here. “On Monday, the RNC Committee on Arrangements announced that the Florida delegation will be at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, nearly 32 miles from the Tampa Bay Times Forum.”

COMPLIANCE NOW, PEACE OF MIND LATER.  State & Federal’s latest Compliance Now is online here.

YARD SIGNS WITH QR CODES.  A new standard for yard signs?  C&E had coverage of the issue earlier this year here.  “The growth rate for the codes is astounding. In the summer of 2008, only 10 percent of the population had a smartphone. One presidential election later, the number of people using smartphones has quintupled to more than half of the U.S. population. Of smartphone users, a full one third of them have scanned QR codes.”

SUPER PAC PLAYS IN CA.  Roll Call.  “A super PAC reportedly supporting California Rep. Howard Berman has purchased a half-million dollars in cable TV time for the next month, according to the campaign of Berman’s opponent, fellow Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman. The ad buy runs from May 2 to June 4.”

OCE MOVES.  Roll Call.  “Rep. Spencer Bachus, chairman of the powerful Financial Services Committee, has been cleared by the Office of Congressional Ethics, which was looking into allegations that he violated insider trading rules.”  More here and here.

WHAT YOUNG’S WIFE KNEW.  Story here.  “Cheri Young testified Monday that Edwards knew about the nearly $1 million solicited from two wealthy campaign supporters to help hide the married Democrat’s lover as he sought the White House in 2008.”

MILBANK ON COMPLAINT.  Here.  “Predictably, Boehner has been complaining about the president’s campaigning. He said Obama’s team should ‘pony up’ and reimburse taxpayers for trips to three colleges in swing states last week. Boehner called Obama’s traveling ‘pathetic.’ The Republican National Committee formally asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate the president’s travel.”

ETHICS PROBE IN IA. Story here. “Iowa campaign ethics officials agreed Friday to investigate Johnson County Auditor Tom Slockett over allegations that he used public time and money to support his re-election bid.”


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