Good morning, here are Monday’s political law links (5/14/12)

QUESTIONS ON ADS.  Roll Call.  “Members are largely restricted from using official funds to promote, host or advertise events that do not directly serve their constituents. However, guidance from the House Administration Committee, the franking commission and the House Ethics Committee gives lawmakers enough leeway to at times fund events outside their districts.”

CHAMBER ON YOUTUBE.  Story here.  “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on pace to spend upward of $50 million on voter mobilization this campaign cycle, has launched a YouTube advertising campaign targeting residents of seven Congressional districts. More ads in other districts are likely on the horizon.”

FEC MEETING PRESS RELEASE.  A press release on last Thursday’s meeting is online here.

EDWARDS DEFENSE.  Story here.    “The first witnesses to be called by the defense include former Federal Election Commission chairman Scott Thomas, political pollster Harrison Hickman and ex-Edwards attorney Wade Smith. Edwards’ attorneys have not indicated whether he will take the stand.”

REP. OWENS TO REPAY.  Story here.  “Congressman Bill Owens says he will repay more than $20,000 dollars for a junket that he took last December to Taiwan.”

JPMORGAN’S LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Several visits over months by the bank’s well-connected chief executive, Jamie Dimon, and his top aides were aimed at persuading regulators to create a loophole in the law, known as the Volcker Rule.”

PERSONAL FUNDS BAN IN THE NEWS.  The Hill.  “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) renewed its charge to Congress Thursday to extend a ban prohibiting personal use of campaign funds to all political committees.”

LOOKING AT LOBBYING.  The Times.  “The steady take-over of this unofficial branch of government by WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic and other conglomerates has turned premier lobbyists, strategists and political operatives into a species of bureaucrat, now vested in bottom-line corporate goals. Their interest in the substance of what Congress accomplishes, in policy outcomes, and in the direction of the country, has diminished. In fact, one could say that the more legislative dysfunction, the more billable hours.”

WAL-MART ALLEGATIONS IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “The U.S. and Mexican governments reportedly are investigating the chain. Wal-Mart’s stock is down almost 5 percent since the allegations surfaced. The company and top executives are being sued by angry investors. And some shareholders are planning to vote against the re-election of several board members at Wal-Mart’s annual meeting next month.”

ROBOCALL TRIAL RESULT.  Story here.  “A Republican campaign consultant was convicted Friday of conspiracy for 2010 robocalls that prosecutors said were aimed at keeping black voters from the polls during Maryland’s gubernatorial election.”


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