Political law links for Wed., May 23, 2012

INDEPENDENT $ IN CA.  Story here.  “Rather than excavate wealth from the Golden State, third-party groups are dousing California with dollars ahead of its June 5 primaries.”

GP$ ADS.  Story here.  “The spot is backed by $9.7 million over three weeks on broadcast television in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.”

LOBBYISTS AND LIGHTSQUARED.  The Hill.  “In a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) accused the White House and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of catering to the lobbyists of the now-bankrupt wireless company LightSquared and of stonewalling his investigation into the case.”


DSCC AND SUPER PACS.  HuffPo.  “‘The money,’ [DSCC ED Guy] Cecil told The Huffington Post, when asked what kept him up at night. ‘Our allies need to wake up. Our allies need to understand that the majority in the Senate is in danger and that everything from jobs and the economy and women’s health and Supreme Court justices, Wall Street reform — all the things that they have worked so hard for — will be for naught if we lose the Senate.'”

HELP TO LOBBYING FIRM.  Story here.  “A senior Senate committee staffer is headed to Washington’s premier nonprofit lobbying firm.”

EDWARDS JURY UPDATE.  LA Times.  “The documents requested Tuesday were letters to or about Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, now 101, a billionaire heiress and Edwards supporter who gave $725,000 that was used to help hide the candidate’s mistress during his failed campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.”

DC PLEA DEAL. The Post.  “A key finance official on Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 campaign admitted in federal court Tuesday that he helped to secretly finance the campaign of a minor candidate to bolster his boss’s prospects and then destroyed a ledger detailing the payoffs.”

ETHICS EXEMPTION IN MD.  Story here.  “Crisfield officials who sought an exemption from a new state ethics law had ‘a partially successful day’ before the Maryland State Ethics Commission on Thursday.”


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