Good morning, here are political law links for June 5, 2012

WI:  “DECISION DAY.”  Here.  “Voters head to the polls this morning to vote in the state’s recall races. Read more about the candidates, the races and the issues – and find important information about where and how to vote.”

TOTAL RECALL. Visit the Recall Elections Blog for this and other interesting Wisconsin recall news.

MANDATORY ETHICS TRAINING?  Story here.  “An association of Washington lobbyists is asking Congress to give teeth to a provision from a 2007 reform law that would make ethics training mandatory for lobbyists.”

INTERESTING NAME CHANGE FOR CANDIDATE. Story here. “Florida is letting a congressional candidate put the name of his web address on the ballot. Why? Because Eddie Gonzalez went before a Miami-Dade judge this past January and had his name legally changed to ‘'”

SUNLIGHT AND #FREETHOMAS. Here. “In upcoming days, the House is likely to pass legislative language that pays lip service to releasing THOMAS data while putting the idea in a deep freeze. This would be a disaster. But it’s not too late. Tell your representative that you want Congress to publish legislative data now.”

VENUE AND THE EDWARDS TRIAL.  Story here.  “The judge who oversaw former Sen. John Edwards’s trial issued an order Monday raising questions about whether the testimony and evidence on some of the campaign-finance related charges showed enough of a connection to central North Carolina for the case to be heard in federal court there.”

DC ETHICS BOARD NEWS.  Story here.  “D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray will announce Tuesday that he is nominating former city attorney general Robert J. Spagnoletti to chair the city’s government ethics board, a choice expected to lend considerable credibility to the newly created panel.”

ETHICS SNOWBALL IN GA. Story here. “At the insistence of the grassroots, leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties have agreed to put advisory questions on the primary ballot in July, asking voters whether they support the proposed gift limit. And everybody is pretty darn sure how those votes are going to come out.”

PHILADELPHIA LOBBYING REPORTS. Story here. “For the first time ever, special interests who lobby city officials have filed reports disclosing how much they spend trying to influence city policy.”


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