Here are Friday’s political law links (6/15/12) and have a great weekend

SEN. MCCONNELL AT AEI. Senator McConnell will address AEI today at 11:15. More here. I’ll be there and hope to share a photo on Monday.

RETIRED MEMBERS’ USE OF FUNDS. The Post. “Those who become lobbyists are much more likely than other former lawmakers to put remaining money to political use — donating to lawmakers who have the ability to help their lobbying clients, according to the report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which tracked 57 House members who left Congress in 2007 and 2008.”

DIMON AND THE SUPER PAC GAME. Story here. “But for such a conspicuous firm whose business is subject to regulation by an array of federal agencies from the Comptroller of the Currency to the Federal Reserve to the newly created Financial Stability Oversight Council, is it odd that Dimon and his colleagues are absent from the world of Super PACS?”

KOCH GOAL.  Politico.  “The Koch brothers’ political operation has increasingly come to resemble its own political party — and later this month in San Diego, it will hold what amounts to its most ambitious convention to date.”

FAITH AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  Story here by Dave Levinthal, which begins, “Barack Obama has long cast himself as a warrior against the influence of big money in politics.”

JAIL IN ME PUBLIC FUNDS CASE. Story here. “Burns transferred public funds from his campaign account to his personal account to pay for non-campaign related bills and expenses.”

MD LLC RULE IN THE NEWS. Story here. “Maryland officials say they are drawing closer to closing a campaign-finance loophole that has allowed owners of limited liability companies to give millions in extra donations to state political candidates.”

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