Here are today’s political law links (Tues., June 19, 2012)

CALLING ALL BAUCUS ALUMS.  Roll Call.  “The six-term Senator’s network of aides-turned-lobbyists isn’t limited to tax issues. Baucus is taking a leading role in the handful of matters that have potential to move this year, such as a bill to normalize trade relations with Russia and an extension of highway and transit spending. His committee also has jurisdiction over major aspects of the health care overhaul.”

FRANKING NEWS.  Roll Call.  “The franking system is designed to provide lawmakers with a taxpayer-funded way in which to communicate with their constituents about their activities in Congress. Although campaigning is specifically prohibited, lawmakers often walk up to the line of impropriety with the wording of their mailings.”

SUPER PACS AND LBJ (LEBRON JAMES).  Story here. “Workers’ Voice, the super-PAC of the AFL-CIO, is spending about $100,000 on the ad blitz against Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R).”

LOBBYING ON ATM DISCLOSURE.  Story here.  “The banking industry is lobbying aggressively against a regulation that requires ATM operators to post placards that list the fees for using the machines.”

WH FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES.  Story here.  “Financial disclosure forms for White House officials have begun rolling in via email after the White House announced Friday that the annual reports would be made available to anyone who requests them and fills out an online form.”

SUPER PAC FR.  WSJ via Politico.  “Two of Mitt Romney’s potential running mates are slated to appear at a fundraiser for the super PAC that supports him this week, according to people familiar with the event.”

SUPER PAC HITS.  The Post.  “After barely paying attention to politics most his life, [Leo] Linbeck [III] is a major force behind this year’s most outside-the-box super PAC, the Campaign for Primary Accountability, and funneled at least $1.3 million of his money into the endeavor. ”


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