Political law links for Tues., 7/24/12

IRS MOVES ON NONPROFITS?  More here.  “In a potentially significant move hailed by reform advocates, the IRS has signaled that it will consider changing its regulations for politically active tax-exempt groups.”

WINNING IN 2012.  Have you downloaded Winning in 2012 by Colin Delany of e.politics?  Here’s the link.

BUNDLER ACTIVITY.  Roll Call.  “Candidates and party committees continue to rely on an elite network of lobbyists to bundle campaign contributions, according to recently filed Federal Election Commission reports.”

SOLYNDRA PLAYERS.  Politico.  “Among the guests at President Obama’s fundraiser Monday night was Steve Westly, a venture capitalist and 2008 bundler who warned the administration in 2010 about its investment in Solyndra, the failed solar company that received $535 million in federal loan guarantees.”

SUPER PACS AND 12.  The Post.  “Republican-aligned super PACs and other outside conservative groups have spent more than $144 million on general election ads in swing presidential states, a huge outlay of cash that has allowed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to not only combat but exceed heavy early ad spending by President Obama.”

LD-203 DUE.  More here:  “The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 requires active lobbying registrants and individual lobbyists to file a semi-annual report of certain contributions along with certification that the filer understands the gift and travel rules of both the House and the Senate. Registrants and each of their lobbyists who were active for all or part of the semi-annual reporting period must file separate reports detailing their contributions, including FECA, honorary, Presidential Inaugural Committee, Presidential Library and certain payments for event costs. The Mid-Year contribution report is due Monday, July 30, 2012, covering January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012.

ABRAMOFF SPEAKS.  Politico.  “For these views and more, Abramoff has a new forum for speaking his mind: talk radio. His three-hour program, ‘The Jack Abramoff Show,’ airs Sunday nights on SiriusXM.”

GOV. CLEARED.  AJC.  “Gov. Nathan Deal was cleared Monday of major state ethics violations, effectively ending more than two years of complaints and investigations into Deal’s 2010 bid for governor.”

WY:  MORE LOBBYIST DISCLOSURE?  Here.  “The disclosure reports filed with the secretary of state’s office don’t fully disclose the amount of money spent to influence legislators and legislation.”


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