Good morning, here are political law links for 7-30

BROADCASTER BID DENIED. Story here. “A federal appellate court on Friday denied a request by broadcasters to immediately block new Federal Communications Commission rules requiring stations to make political ad information available online.”

NONPROFIT RULES. The Post. “The Federal Election Commission told political advocacy groups Friday that it would enforce new disclosure rules for some nonprofits under a recent court ruling, but many key groups have taken steps to evade the requirements.”

SUPER PAC RULES.  WFB.  “During a fundraiser for the pro-Obama Priorities USA Super PAC in March, senior White House adviser David Plouffe gave a speech to two-dozen major Democratic donors. When it came time to ask donors to open up their wallets, however, Plouffe left the room.”

FUNDRAISING RULES.  Roll Call.  “Fueling Mitt Romney’s fundraising surge has been a widely used but less understood tool enabling supporters to direct more money to his presidential effort than federal limits would suggest possible.”

SUPER PAC PULLS AD.  Story here.  “The super PAC backing President Barack Obama will not air a television ad using archival footage of the Olympic Games after the U.S. Olympic Committee registered a complaint because of copyright concerns.”

TIMES PIECE ON DONOR JAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS. The Times. “It is hard to say where the big sums are coming from.”

OVERLOOKING UNIONS? Here. “It’s become such a popular theme that some accept this on faith, and some politicians wear claims, true or not, of being outspent like a badge of honor. But an analysis by The Wall Street Journal this month showed that corporate money is nearly evenly split between the two major parties — with slightly more going to Democrats — while political spending by labor unions, which goes almost exclusively to Democrats, has been greatly underestimated.”

REP. SENSENBRENNER ON VOTING RIGHTS.  Here.  “The fundamental goals and bipartisan legacy of the Voting Rights Act are imperiled by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department and the administration he serves.”

FUNDRAISING ABROAD.  The Times.  “Mitt Romney came to Jerusalem to publicly lock arms with Israel. But privately, he also used the opportunity to raise money and offer top donors an unofficial mini- retreat abroad.”

DC’S NEW ETHICS CHIEF SPEAKS. Story here. “The chairman of D.C.’s new ethics board said his three-member panel will work aggressively to restore public confidence.”

TRUST RULES IN INDIANA. Story here. “The trusts and the PAC appear to have relied on a 2002 advisory opinion from the ethics board that Tooker said misconstrued the rule and essentially OK’d the manner in which the trust donations have been recorded ever since.”

GOV. CUOMO AND TRANSPARENCY. The Times. “The governor, who promised to bring sunlight to the dim workings in Albany, wants to control everything about him that could make its way to the press or the public. ”


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