Good morning, here are today’s political law links (8/1/12)

PRES. OBAMA CONTRIBUTES.  Story here.  “In an email to supporters this morning, Obama said that he had given to his own reelection campaign for the first time as a symbolic gesture.”

BURN RATE REALITY.  Story here.  “President Obama has gone where no incumbent has gone before: a massive, intensely negative dreadnaught of a campaign that has been pounding his challengers since April. And now, he’s paying the price.”

TOMORROW’S FEC MEETING.  The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

GOV. ROMNEY AND RGA EVENT.  Story here.  “Mitt Romney will hold a fundraiser with some of the biggest donors in GOP politics in Aspen on Thursday night on the sidelines of a closed-door Republican Governors Association high-rollers event, sources tell POLITICO.”

HOUSE TRAVEL RULES NEWS.  Story here.  “Members of Congress are not allowed to accept travel funds from any entity that ’employs or retains’ a lobbyist. The rule was instituted in 2007 after the Jack Abramoff scandal, which involved the corrupt lobbyist paying for luxury junkets for members of Congress and other officials.”

INTERNET ASSOC. LAUNCH.  Story here.  “Web giants in Silicon Valley are pouring cash into a lobbying startup after deciding that Washington’s established groups aren’t sufficient for protecting their interests.”

WHAT’S IN A DOMAIN NAME?  Story here.  “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) can keep the domain name, a National Arbitration Forum panel has ruled.”

LOBBYIST GIFT CAP VOTE.  Story here.  “Voters gave overwhelming bipartisan support Tuesday to the idea of capping lobbyists’ gifts to state lawmakers.”

NYC:  SUPER PAC “EFFECT”.   The Times.  “The city will, for the first time, require disclosure of independent expenditures — spending that is not coordinated with a campaign. It said its tracking of the finances of such groups, which it plans to post on the Web, would be among the most detailed anywhere, including not only contributions and spending, but also an archive of advertisements run by the groups and information about their backers.”


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