Good morning, here are political law links for 8/2/12

CARIBOU COFFEE IN THE NEWS. Story here. “White House officials’ practice of offering to meet with visitors somewhere other than the West Wing has been reported by multiple news organizations, including POLITICO and The New York Times, which in 2010 reported that hundreds of meetings had taken place at the Caribou location across the street from the White House suggested by [OSTP’s Jeff] Smith.”

IRS MOVES ON 501(C) GROUPS?  The Times.  “Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service is, at last, promising to review and consider changing 50-year-old rules governing the limits of political activity for social welfare nonprofits that enjoy exemptions under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code.”

KNOWLEDGE ON SUPER PACS.  The Post.  “A large majority of the country lack even the most basic knowledge of so-called super PACs, according to a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll — a finding that reinforces the difficulty Democrats face in trying to score political points by shining a light on these outside organizations in the 2012 presidential campaign.”

TEXTING CAMPAIGN MONEY SUPPORT. The Post. “The campaigns of President Obama and Mitt Romney and an array of campaign finance reform groups have united in favor of permitted texted donations.”

ETHICS COMMITTEE AND REP. RICHARDSON. Story here. “The House Ethics Committee has voted unanimously to formally reprimand Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson and fine her $10,000 for violating House rules by improperly using her official staff to conduct campaign and personal activities on her behalf, and then attempting to obstruct the investigation into the allegations.”

ROMNEY’S INNER CIRCLE. The Post. Chris Cillizza’s look at Gov. Romney’s inner circle includes his two lawyers: “Ben Ginsberg/Katie Biber Chen: Ginsberg is a major wheel in the campaign finance law community in DC and also a longtime Romney confidante. Biber Chen is general counsel to the campaign.”

TRACKING IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “Kurt Holland was enlisted to follow Democratic Senate nominee Joe Donnelly in hopes of catching him in an embarrassing situation.”

SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE TRAIL.  E.politics.  “2012 is the year of the photo-sharing social network, and Instagram is a powerful tool in the belt of a good online communicator.”

MORE ON GA LOBBYIST CAP VOTE.  Here.  “Early returns showed that nearly 87 percent of voters in the Republican primary would support setting a $100 limit on gifts from lobbyists to state lawmakers. Roughly 71 percent of Democrats supported setting some form of limits, although their ballot question did not mention a specific spending cap.”


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