Good morning, here are today’s political law links (8/9/12)

BLAGOJEVICH CLAIM IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “An upcoming book about Rod Blagojevich says undercover tape-recordings caught the former governor saying he had heard that convicted influence peddler Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko secretly channeled $25,000 in cash to Barack Obama, but federal authorities did not deem the claim credible.”

JOE SOPTIC AD IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “Soptic, laid off from Bain Capital-owned GST Steel, stars in a Priorities USA Action spot this week in which he tells of how his wife died without health insurance after he lost his job. Soptic also appeared, wearing what appears to be an identical shirt, in a May television ad for the Obama campaign.”

QUESTIONS ON PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS.  Here.  “The White House is being very tight-lipped about a staffer who produces videos designed to paint President Obama and his policies in a positive light. Observers note that the videos advance some key themes of the president’s reelection campaign.”

FCC DATABASE.  The FCC’s database for political ad buys is online here.  I added a permanent link in my list of “general resources” on the right side of this site.

ONLINE POLITICAL FILE WAIVER.  Story here.  “At least one top four affiliate technically in a top 50 DMA won’t have to share its political spot prices in a national, FCC-administered database for another two years.”

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.  The next set of links will be prepared on Monday.

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