Political law links (8/28/12)

NO ALI-FRAZIER SUPER PAC BRAWL. Bloomberg. “Ali versus Frazier, it wasn’t. But the co-founders of the super-political action committees supporting President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney attacked each other over the honesty of their ads, which have come to dominate presidential campaign advertising.”

POP-UP TAMPA TECHNIQUE. Story here. ”The political conventions have always been open season for big money influence peddling. But this year, ever-creative Washington lobbyists have devised a nifty new technique to bypass pesky ethics rules that were supposed to bar them from throwing lavish convention parties for lawmakers.”

EVENT DANGERS.  Roll Call.  “Campaign finance watchdog groups are warning Congressional Republicans in Tampa this week to steer clear of convention-related events held by lobbyists in their honor.”

PRIVATE EQUITY CANDIDATE. The Post. “[John] Delaney, running on his expertise in finance and as a can-do executive, is unapologetic about his success and has given away millions to charity.”

PAY TO PLAY AND THE VP PICK. NY Post. “[Gov. Christie’s] problem was two Securities and Exchange Commission rules that are meant to curb pay-to-play.”

RULES ISSUE IN TAMPA. BLT. “Patton Boggs partner Benjamin Ginsberg is facing a growing storm of criticism from Republican delegates who say he pushed through a rules change that would help Mitt Romney if the presumptive GOP nominee ousts President Barack Obama and seeks reelection.”  UPDATE:  The Hill.  “Republican Party officials struck a last-minute deal Monday night in an attempt to avert a messy convention floor battle with supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).”

REAPING CU WINDFALL.  The Post.  “Since the landmark ruling in the winter of 2010, Republican-leaning groups such as American Crossroads and Restore Our Future, as well as their Democratic counterparts, have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars. Citizens United, on the other hand, has experienced no such deluge of funds.”

AL:  REPORTING TO PRISON.  Story here.  “A casino lobbyist and a former legislator who pleaded guilty in Alabama’s gambling corruption case are now in federal prison.”

CO:  REVIEWING SIGNATURES.  Story here.  “Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler says all signatures submitted in support of a campaign-finance measure and a proposed ban on abortion will undergo review before either one can make the ballot.”

DC:  REFORM PUSH?  Story here.  “D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will roll out his long-awaited campaign finance reform plan Tuesday, one week before one of his convicted campaign aides is due to return to federal court.”

WA:  USE OF EXCESS FUNDS.  Story here.   “The Associated Press identified hundreds of questionable expenses — from Democrats and Republicans — during a computer analysis of thousands of spending reports.”

POLITICAL LAW TWITTER ACCOUNTS.  Two new Twitter accounts you may be interested in:  @VenablePolLaw and @CovPoliticalLaw.


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