I’ve got today’s political law links here

DONOR FULFILLMENT. Politico. “The perks started even before the convention officially convened, with donors on Monday night getting the chance to pose for photos on stage at the Time Warner Arena, according to literature detailing the Obama Victory Fund’s donor fulfillment program obtained by POLITICO.”

KEN VOGEL ON POLITICO LIVE. Politico’s live coverage of the Democratic convention featured an interesting segment with reporter Ken Vogel discussing HLOGA and related topics last night. I’ve tried to catch as much coverage as I can online here both this week and during last week’s events in Tampa.

LABOR ORGS AND 12. Story here. “As unions around the nation plunge in earnest into another election season of phone banks, door-to-door canvasses and leafleting, they find themselves confronting a political landscape that is more daunting than any they have faced in decades.”

CO: WARNING ON LIMITS. Story here. “Colorado Republicans and Democrats attending their respective national conventions – and getting SWAG bags and other freebies – need to remember Amendment 41.”

IL: GAMING DONATION BAN. Story here. “When Gov. Pat Quinn shot down a plan to boost gambling in the state, he called for more ethical safeguards and conjured up cautionary images of mobsters infiltrating Illinois casinos.”

WA: MORE ON CHURCH ACTIVITY. Story here. “The group seeking to overturn Washington’s gay marriage law has changed its website instructions to churches that want to raise money for the effort, but state campaign finance officials say that the language is still not in compliance with state law.”


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