Political law links, 9/18/12

SUPER PAC BLITZ I. Politico. “The Ricketts-funded super PAC Ending Spending Action Fund on Monday announced that it would spend $10 million on ads starting this week boosting Romney and another $2 million on ads boosting GOP congressional candidates, the Wall Street Journal reported.”

SUPER PAC BLITZ II.  Politico.  “Democrats are bracing for an oncoming tsunami of conservative cash to hit House races, and now predict they could be outspent as much as 3-to-1 as Republicans race to defend their majority.”

SUPER PAC SERIES, PART I.  Story here.  “With the final stretch of the campaign about to start in earnest, The Daily Beast—in partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics—has taken a detailed look at just how profoundly this influx of money is reshaping our politics.”

AFL-CIO MEETING.  Politico.  “On a campaign swing through Ohio, President Obama made an impromptu stop at the 28th Biennial Constitutional Convention of the Ohio AFL-CIO — a local gathering of affiliated labor councils.”

2016 HEATS UP.  Roll Call.  “Forget 2012. Who’s ready for the next presidential race?”

COOPER SIGNS PLEDGE. Story here. “Rep. Jim Cooper said Monday he has signed a pledge vowing not to lobby Congress once he leaves office.”

HATCH AND CAMP ON NY NONPROFIT MOVES. Story here. “The top Republican tax writers are calling on the New York attorney general to cease an investigation into the secret financial records of close to two dozen tax-exempt groups that have been funneling millions of dollars into this year’s election.”

POLITICAL LAW MOVER AND SHAKER. Congratulations to Beth Beacham on her recent move to Clark Hill PLC. Yesterday’s PI had the scoop.

AZ: PROBATION IN CASE. Story here. “Natalie Wisneski, the Fiesta Bowl’s former chief operating officer, was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court to two years probation after admitting her participation in an illegal campaign-finance scheme that scandalized the bowl.”

WA: STATE OF PLAY. Story here. “Money is flowing into Washington state’s gubernatorial race as it has been targeted by the two major political parties as one of the most competitive in the nation.”

VT:  CU IMPACT.  Story here.  “Two newly created political action committees — or PACS — are trying to perform on the Vermont stage in the manner allowed by Citizens United.”

WHY DOES GOVERNMENT PAY FOR LOBBYISTS?  Here.  “Coming off the first leg of the electoral season with Primary Day last week, the citizens of Niagara County (and all of New York State) had their first opportunity to select those individuals who would be their voice in government. The lucky few who would advance to the General Election and beyond would be granted the honor of standing up for the citizens in the halls of power. In many cases, they would be paid for the singular distinction of being their representative. . . .This then begs the question, why does the government pay for lobbyists?


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