Mon. political law links (9/24)

NEW LDA ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS ANNOUNCED. “The United States Attorney for the District of Columbia today announced two new civil enforcement actions against lobbying firms for failure to file required federal Lobbying Disclosure Act (“LDA”) reports.”

SEN. CORNYN ON CFR.  Roll Call.   “It’s rare for a Republican leader to express a ‘transparency’ or ‘accountability’-based argument when it comes to campaign finance. And Cornyn by no means voiced support for the Democrats’ DISCLOSE Act, which has failed multiple times to clear Congress and would force more disclosure from corporate-funded super PACs.”

WHAT’S NEXT IN WATERS MATTER. The LAT. “An announcement, along with Martin’s 150-page report, is expected early next week.”

PHONE CO. SUPER PAC SUPPORT.  Roll Call.  “A liberal phone company is asking customers to overpay their bills to support its new super PAC and is using the money to wage a ground war against 10 tea-party-aligned House conservatives.”

PAWLENTY TO FINANCIAL SERVICES ROUNDTABLE. Roll Call. “Because it is a bipartisan organization, Pawlenty said today that he has notified the Romney campaign that he is stepping down as its national co-chairman now. He also said that in order to take on the top slot at the financial services group, he has agreed that he will not join the Romney administration should the former Massachusetts governor win the election in November.”

ADELSON PROFILE.  Politico.  “Worth just over $21 billion, and now in the crosshairs of the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission, Adelson has made history: He is the first person to spend $70 million to sway a presidential election, and he plans to spend more – perhaps as much as $100 million – by Election Day. An estimated $20 million to $30 million of the giving was to groups that do not disclose their donors, and had not been reported before.”

VH: STATUS REPORT ON OR BY 10/12. Order. “Pursuant to the judgment of the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the Court refers this matter to defendant Federal Election Commission for further consideration. Defendant is directed to file a status report on or before October 12, 2012, advising the Court whether it intends to pursue rulemaking or defend the current regulation. The District Court will retain jurisdiction over this matter.”

EARLY VOTING EMERGES. The Post. “Election Day is more than six weeks away, but by Nov. 6 tens of millions of Americans — perhaps as many as 40 percent of all voters — will have cast their ballots in the presidential race and other contests.”

CHECK ISSUE FOR CAMPAIGN. Story here. “A south suburban man has been charged in connection with the theft of two checks totaling more than $50,000 from President Barack Obama’s national campaign headquarters in Chicago, authorities say.”

TOM DELAY WAITS. AP. “DeLay’s three-year prison sentence has been on hold as his case has made its way through the appellate process.”

SOROS DONATES. WSJ. “Democratic heavyweight George Soros keeps inching his way back into partisan politics.”


CO: PROFILE ON GESSLER. The Post. “Gessler may be the most closely watched election official in the country, heightened by Colorado’s prominence, his ready-to-rumble personality and a series of loud disputes with what he terms the ‘angry left.'”


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