Thursday’s political law links (10/18/12)

SUPER PAC FORMED.  The Hill.  “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is forming a super-PAC to spend some of his personal fortune helping centrist candidates win election to Congress.”

CUTTING SUPPORT.  Politico.  “Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond sends over word that the former speaker has stopped renting the list he built up from his presidential campaign to two groups, BAMPAC and Conservative Strike Force, that West aides have complained about for their repeated use of the congressman’s name and image in fundraising solicitations.”

1876, 2000… 2012?  Politico.  “As the presidential poll numbers narrow on a national level and in the battleground states, Americans are eagerly awaiting that moment on the evening of November 6 when they will learn the identity of our next president. Or will they?”

HOST OWES.  Story here.  “The host committee for the Democratic National Convention owes nearly $8 million after it fell short of its fundraising goal for the September event.”

SEATTLE TIMES CO. AD IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “The Seattle Times Co. jumped directly into two of the state’s hottest political contests Wednesday, launching an $80,000 independent-expenditure campaign promoting Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna and announcing a similar effort in support of the referendum to legalize gay marriage.”

POST OBITUARY.  Sen. John A. Durkin…  “John A. Durkin, a one-term Democratic senator from New Hampshire who prevailed in the closest election in U.S. Senate history after a 10-month stalemate in 1974 and 1975, died Oct. 16 at a hospital in Franklin, N.H. He was 76.”

CA:  FAMILY FUNDS PAC.  Story here.  “This is just the latest House race where a super PAC funded largely by a candidate’s family member (or members) has cropped up.”

CA:  BALLOT MEASURE DONATIONS.  Story here.  “A Phoenix based political action committee, Americans for Responsible Leadership, wrote an $11 million check to the political committee fighting Proposition 30 and supporting Proposition 32.”

DC:  OPEN FOR ETHICS.  Story here.  “The head of the District’s new Board of Ethics and Government Accountability said Wednesday that it expects to open its doors to the public on Nov. 5 — after working to perform a daunting amount of logistics in a short period of time.”

OR:  CANDIDATE ADJUSTS.  Story here.  “Portland mayoral candidate Charlie Hales is amending his self-imposed campaign contribution caps so he can accept big in-kind donations from the unions that have endorsed him — up to $50 per member.”


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