Good morning, here are today’s political law links (10/23/12)

VON SPAKOVSKY PROFILE. New Yorker. “Mainstream election experts say that Spakovsky has had an improbably large impact.”

JACKSON JR. RETURNS TO CLINIC. Story here. “Embattled U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who is being treated for bipolar disorder, will return to the Mayo Clinic this week for a re-evaluation by his doctors, his father, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, said on Sunday.”

ABRAMOFF TOUR. Story here. “The man who served 43 months in prison for his efforts to buy influence and legislation told the audience plainly: Congress most certainly remains for sale.”

PEOPLE… PEOPLE WHO NEED… HARD MONEY. Story here. “With the Presidential election just two weeks away, prominent Hollywood Democrat Barbra Streisand has sent an ’emergency’ email to the entire Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) mailing list, urging all recipients to dig deep into their pockets for last minute Obama campaign donations, according to The Hollywood Reporter.”

IL: MUNICIPAL DONATION COMES TO LIGHT. Story here. “City officials recently discovered it erroneously donated money to a political fund after someone requested information through the Freedom of Information Act.”

MD: DISCLOSURE’S DARK SIDE AND QUESTION 6. Story here. “Within hours of a news conference held by Angela McCaskill, who was suspended with pay from her job as head of diversity at Gallaudet University after the school learned that she had signed the petition to put Maryland’s marriage equality act on the ballot, she was featured in a new ad by the Maryland Marriage Alliance that claims Maryland’s Question 6 threatens the liberty and livelihood of anyone who objects to gay marriage.”

MI: LOBBYING RULES. Story here. “Why is Michigan lacking in the areas of ethics and transparency?”

NY: ALLEGED SUPER PAC CONNECTIONS. Story here. “State Senate Republicans say they have no ties to Common Sense Principles, a Super PAC that has been flooding mailboxes in key districts with attacks on Democratic candidates, but paid $31,829 this year to an opposition research firm founded by one of the Super PAC’s former directors.”


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