Good morning, here are today’s political law links for Wed., 11/7/12

AND THE WINNER IS…  The Times reports.


TRACING CONTRIBUTIONS.  LAT.  “Under California rules, a nonprofit must disclose its donors if its money is earmarked for a particular initiative. The Fair Political Practices Commission sued Americans for Responsible Leadership to access records that might show whether the group violated disclosure law.”

SHEILA KRUMHOLZ INTERVIEW.  Here.  “Just before election day, she talked about this year’s political cash cows, and the 20-plus years she’s spent following the Watergate admonition to follow the money.”

LOBBYIST RULE IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “In one of his final interviews before the polls close on Election Day, President Obama made the demonstrably false claim that he has barred lobbyists from working in his administration.”

“SHADOW GROUP” TALK IN THE WASHINGTON TIMES.  Story here.  “Election Day is upon the nation, and groups that did not even exist just weeks ago are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to sway voters, while the big-money advertisers are switching to boots-on-the-ground tactics.”

ETHICS ISSUES AND CAMPAIGNS.  Story here.  “Most members of the House of Representatives who battled through scandals secured victories on Election Day, but a few couldn’t escape the cloud hovering over their campaigns.”

LATE MONEY COUNT.  Story here.  “In the day before the election, more than $3.5 million was spent supporting GOP nominee Mitt Romney or opposing President Barack Obama, while $34,000 was spent in support of the president, according to Federal Election Commission reports. While Romney has enjoyed greater support with outside groups, the president’s campaign has raised more money, which has kept the two candidates about even in total ad spending.”

FEDERAL CONTRACTOR UPDATE.  Courthouse News.  “It is constitutional for Congress to bar government contractors from contributing to political candidates, parties and their committees, a federal judge ruled.”

NFL PAC ACTIVITY.  Story here.  “The NFL just hit the midseason mark with a handful of players in the running for Most Valuable, but the league has already decided their Most Valuable Politicians.”

BRIN IN POLITICS?  CNET.  “It’s election day in America, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin isn’t happy about the situation.”

CA:  PROP. 32 UPDATE.  Here.  “Prop 32 results are in and California voters have decided not to pass the campaign finance reform measure with 55 percent of voters deciding No. The race was called around 2:25 am on Tuesday morning.”

CO:  AMDT 65 NEWS.  Here.  “Amendment 65, which would theoretically stop the influence of corporate spending in political campaigns, was projected to win by The Denver Post, netting more than two-thirds of the votes.”

CO:  GESSLER INVESTIGATION.  Story here.  “Hours before Election Day, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission has announced it is launching an investigation into a complaint that Secretary of State Scott Gessler misappropriated roughly $2000 in state funds for personal travel and expenses.”


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