Thurs., Nov. 29, 2012 political law links

CU AND THE FALL OF ROME. Volokh. “Various arguments can be made against Citizens United, or against the alleged corruption of modern politics more generally. But strained analogies to ancient Rome add little to the debate over these issues.”

SNOWE’S GIVING. Story here. “Snowe for Senate, using campaign funds that Snowe didn’t need, donated $19,545 to Maine candidates and political action committees from Feb. 28, when Snowe announced her retirement, until Oct. 1, when the campaign organization was renamed Olympia’s List and refocused on supporting ‘individuals who will follow the principles of consensus-building.'”

FL: CCE’S IN THE NEWS. Story here. “State law does cap direct contributions to candidates at $500. But the law also lets candidates create separate committees to rake in unlimited donations to cover campaign expenses — “committees of continuous existence” or CCEs — and advertising costs — electioneering campaign organizations, or ECOs.”


VT: SUPER PAC SQUEEZE. Story here. ”With all the campaign ads over, the take-home from this past election has largely been that super PACs in Vermont didn’t have the outsized electoral impact many expected.”

TAIWAN: RAISING LIMITS? Story here. “The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) yesterday voiced its support for a raise to the maximum amount an individual is allowed to donate to political parties each year, amid calls by politicians in the face of unprecedented seven-in-one elections that are expected to take place in 2014.”

HAVE A GREAT DAY. I’ll send around the latest set of links next week. Have a great weekend.

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