12-12-12 political law links

BERMAN-SHERMAN A CA RECORD. Story here. “To no surprise to San Fernando Valley voters who were inundated with campaign ads, robo calls and political mail, Reps. Brad Sherman and Howard Berman set a record for spending by candidates in a California congressional race, shelling out more than $11.7 million between them, according to new campaign finance reports.”

MATHESON-LOVE TALLY. Story here. “A hotly contested congressional race narrowly won by Democrat Jim Matheson over Republican Mia Love was one of the most expensive in Utah history, new figures show.”

BALDWIN-THOMPSON TALLY. Story here. “Candidates and interest groups poured more than $78 million into Wisconsin’s recent U.S. Senate race that led to Democrat Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s Nov. 6 win over former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, making it the most expensive Senate election in state history.”

KOCH CONFERENCE DELAY. Story here. “National Review Online has learned that the Koch brothers will postpone their semi-annual meeting, which was originally scheduled to be held next month.”

LOBBYING AND JOBS. US News. “To truly improve competitiveness and growth, businesses need to return to true entrepreneurship: ever-improving products and services to increase customer satisfaction. This will require an end to all of the special deductions, credits, and exemptions that compel businesses to lobby Washington.”

“POCKET GUIDE TO LOBBYING.” The Times. “A major part of the Washington power scene, lobbyists range from people hired to advocate for certain weapons systems to those who want the government to finance more cancer research.”

TRADE GROUP SALARIES. Politico. “A new ranking out this week shines a light on an inflationary trend that’s been under way for years — and is transforming the economy of what was always a prosperous town but never one known for eye-popping salaries.”

NY AND CFR. Story here. “With the IDC members seemingly leaning toward enacting contribution limits without establishing public financing, it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to placate Mr. Cuomo.”

REFORM IN UK URGED. Story here. “British politics will remain tainted by corruption because the three main parties are refusing to reform the way they are funded, the head of Westminster’s anti-sleaze watchdog has warned.”


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