1/16/13 political law links

APP MINES.  Politico.  “Looking for a public toilet using the new Inauguration smartphone app? That might just land you on left-leaning email lists or solicited in coming years to be a Democratic campaign donor.”

INDIAN GAMING MOVES. Politico. “Reid is acting on behalf of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe, which in 2002 had its casino in Livingston — a small town in East Texas — shut down by state authorities. The tribe was a victim of Abramoff’s illegal activities, as the onetime GOP lobbyist was working behind the scenes to pressure Texas authorities to close the casino while simultaneously approaching the tribe for a lucrative lobbying contract to keep it open.”

FL: ALLOW UNLIMITED CONTRIBUTIONS. Story here. “Florida’s campaign finance system is so riddled with holes that a state ethics watchdog group will urge lawmakers Wednesday to open the spigot and let an unlimited amount of campaign cash gush into campaign coffers.”

FL: BILL TARGETS LOBBYING. Story here. “A Florida Senate panel is fast-tracking a sweeping ethics proposal that would crack down on politicians’ lavish lobbyist-funded living, their revolving-door jobs and even their paychecks in cases when they don’t pay ethics fines.”

NC: DEEP DIVE INTO REPORTS. Story here. “Pat McCrory won the governor’s race Nov. 6 but campaign donors kept filling his coffers through the end of the year, according to new campaign finance reports.”

UT: CALL FOR REFORM. Story here. “Utah Attorney General John Swallow’s business relationships have prompted a state senator to propose legislation that would prohibit appointed and elected officials from doing work on the side that might conflict with their jobs.”

EU: PRISON IN LOBBYING CASE. Story here. “Former Austrian MEP Ernst Stasser was sentenced to a four-year prison term yesterday (14 January) on a corruption conviction that stemmed from being caught by journalists posing as lobbyists in a cash-for-influence case.”


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