Good morning, here are today’s political law links (1/23/13)

REFORM BILL IN TOP 10. Roll Call. “In an effort to lay down a marker for the first phase of their agenda, Senate Democrats have announced the first 10 measures of the new Congress, including anti-school violence proposals and immigration reform legislation.” The Clean and Fair Elections Act made the list.

BATTLE OVER TECH. The Verge. “At issue is the code created during the Obama for America (OFA) 2012 campaign: the digital architecture behind the campaign’s website, its system for collecting donations, its email operation, and its mobile app. When the campaign ended, these programmers wanted to put their work back into the coding community for other developers to study and improve upon. Politicians in the Democratic party felt otherwise, arguing that sharing the tech would give away a key advantage to the Republicans.”

WHEN ONE AMENDMENT JUST WON’T DO. Press Release. “U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) today introduced two Constitutional amendments to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which unleashed a flood of corporate and special interest money into the American political system.” Rep. McGovern’s proposal made its way to Reddit and some of the comments are truly priceless, including express advocacy for Voltron in 2016.

OFA/DNC NEWS. The Hill. “Several members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) expressed fear Tuesday that the new outside group Organizing for Action — a retooled version of President Obama’s campaign machine — could hurt the national party’s fundraising and drain its resources.”

K ST. YEAR IN REVIEW. The Hill. “Few K Street firms were able to escape the downward pull.”

WHAT SITES ARE YOU READING?  Julie Germany shares some of her favorite sites discussing politics and tech here.

DC: MANDATORY CAMPAIGN FINANCE EDUCATION? Examiner. “In the District’s latest bid to curb campaign finance violations, a D.C. councilman wants to send local candidates and their campaign treasurers back to the classroom.”

FL: DONOR INDICTED. Story here and DOJ press release here.

NJ:  PANEL DISCUSSION TITLE CAUGHT MY EYE.  “Politically minded locals listened to Professor Roger Berkowitz, Director of the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College presents ‘Why Free Speech is Corrupting Politics: Paradoxes and Problems in Campaign Finance Reform.'”  Paramus Patch.

WA: LOBBYIST FEE UPDATE. Story here. “State Rep. Jim Moeller is reviving his yearly quest to raise money so that the state Public Disclosure Commission can retool its online finance disclosure system. The Vancouver Democrat says his House Bill 1005 would raise up to $1.2 million per biennium by levying a registration fee on lobbyists and politicians that file reports at the campaign-finance agency.”


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