Tougher penalties, lobbyist disclosure, and other political law links

SUPER PAC SEASON. Story here. “A Washington fundraising heavyweight is helping to set up federal and state super PACs to support U.S. Sen. David Vitter, a move that heightens speculation that Vitter is eyeing a bid to run for governor.”

SUPER PAC SEASON II. The Hill. “A group of Hillary Clinton supporters is launching a campaign to draft her to run for president — the first major push from an outside group for her to run.”

AZ: TOUGHER PENALTIES PROPOSED. Story here. “Political candidates who knowingly violate certain campaign-finance laws would face tougher penalties under a proposal by a state lawmaker to make such offenses felony crimes instead of civil offenses.”

GA: LOBBYIST DISCLOSURE OVERVIEW. Here. “The disclosures suggest legislators became more sensitive to the appearance of impropriety accepting all those meals and other goodies presented. The decline was especially evident after the party primaries last July.”

PA: PHILLY FINE. Story here. “Philadelphia’s Board of Ethics has slapped a longtime member of City Council with more than $20,000 in fines, for campaign finance and ethics violations.”

SC: ETHICS OVERHAUL. Story here. “The South Carolina Commission on Ethics Reform, an independent eleven-member panel co-chaired by former South Carolina Attorneys General Henry McMaster, a republican, and Travis Medlock, a democrat, delivered its final report and recommendations for strengthening state ethics, election, campaign finance and public records laws.”

UT: ETHICS LAW UPDATE. Story here. “Amid yet more calls for ethics reform amid a scandal involving new Attorney General John Swallow, lawmakers took some first steps Monday to advance bills designed to prevent election shenanigans.”


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