MT CFR bill news and other political law links

RING CASE TAKEAWAYS. “Now facing 20 months in jail – starting his sentence after Abramoff ended his – what does Ring’s case teach us?” I’m sure the case generated a lot of somber memos around town.

NEW LIMITS.  Roll Call.  “Individual donors can now contribute up to $2,600 to a candidate in both the primary and general elections — $5,200 total — and $32,400 per calendar year to national party committees. The total amount of federal contributions that an individual can give during a two-year cycle also increased to $123,200, including $48,600 to candidates and $74,600 to parties and political action committees.”

GA: LOBBYIST SPENDING BAN PROPOSED. Story here. “Lobbyists would face restrictions on wining and dining individual elected officials in Georgia under a plan released Tuesday by the top-ranking Republican in the House, though his legislation leaves loopholes and falls short of a total ban.”


MT: CFR BILLS FILED. Story here. “A pair of bills that would increase, or eliminate, Montana’s limits on campaign contributions drew plenty of fire Tuesday, as public-interest groups said it would ‘open the floodgates’ to more money from deep-pocketed interests.”

NY: CFR UPDATE. Story here. “Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos repeated his opposition to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposals for campaign finance reform last week, setting up another battle between the Governor and state Republicans.”

RI: LOBBYIST CONTRIBUTION BAN PROPOSED. Story here. ” A Rhode Island lawmaker wants to prohibit lobbyists from making political contributions to legislators when the General Assembly is in session.”

VT: CFR ON THE RADAR. Story here. “Democrats in Vermont today echoed their Republican counterparts in calling for campaign finance reform to increase transparency. The proposals follow a campaign season that saw hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in both primary and general elections.”

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