Political law links for 3/13/13

RING SEEKS REVIEW. BLT. “Ring’s lawyers at Miller & Chevalier on Monday asked the full D.C. Circuit to review the panel decision, arguing that the ruling conflicts with U.S. Supreme Court precedent and decisions in other federal appellate courts.”

BROWN CLARIFIES. Story here. “‘Obviously, I have a prohibition from lobbying members of Congress for two years, so I can’t lobby members of Congress, but certainly I can instruct the firm on their making an approach and trying to do something — the pitfalls and potential problem areas — so they can make good decisions moving forward,’ Brown said.”

TROTTER ON OFA. Here. “The ultimate message voters should take away from the Organizing for America kerfuffle: Whenever you hear a self-proclaimed reformer attack the evils of big money, watch what they do, not what they say.”

AK: REFORMS CONSIDERED. Story here. “Two members of the Republican-led House majority say they’re inclined to support a resolution calling for changes to campaign finance laws.”

FL: MEGA PACS? Story here. “Political slush funds will get a new name and campaign finance limits will rise for statewide candidates under a Senate campaign finance bill that won unanimous approval by a Senate committee on Monday.”

GA: ETHICS BILL UPDATE. Story here. “The Senate Ethics Committee unanimously approved Tuesday the lesser of two noteworthy ethics bills this legislative session.”

HI: REFORM DEBATED. Story here. “The House judiciary committee planned to meet today to discuss reforming campaign finance reporting requirements. Members will also consider amending the Big Island’s pilot project for publicly funded campaigns to help increase its appeal.”

MI: 21 BILLS. Story here. “House Democrats are pushing a package of 21 bills aiming to reform ethics and campaign finance rules for elected officials and require more financial disclosures from corporations that generally support Republicans.”

NV: REVOLVING DOOR CHANGE SOUGHT. Story here. “Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, R-Reno, is proposing a bill that would bar legislators from acting as paid lobbyists for the first session that they are out of office.”

VT: VOTE DELAYED. Story here. “A Vermont Senate committee delayed final action on a bill Tuesday to rewrite Vermont’s campaign finance law after a longtime advocate for tough spending limits called a 250 percent increase in what people could contribute to statewide candidates cause for ‘outrage.’

HAVE A GREAT DAY. I’ll send around the next set of links on Monday. Have a great rest of the week.

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