Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 4/4/13

KICKING THE STOCK ACT. Roll Call. “When lawmakers come back from spring recess, there’s really only one item on their ‘must finish’ agenda for the first week: legislation that would buy more time for Congress to figure out how to untangle some of the problems they created for the federal bureaucracy when they enacted the STOCK Act a year ago.”

ETHICS AND SC RACE. The Hill. “Party strategists believe there’s little to gain from harping on Sanford’s infamous extramarital affair because voters know all about it. They believe attacks on his alleged misuse of taxpayer dollars and other charges in a 2009 state ethics commission report will be much more damaging.”

LESSONS FOR LOBBYISTS. The Hill. “The one lesson that all LDA registrants should take from the audit results is the need to have a system of record-keeping, and to ensure that it is followed, in the event that the registrant is selected for an audit or enforcement action.”

WATCHDOGS WATCH. The Post. “After raising a record $1.1 billion for his reelection, the president is now involved in a behind-the-scenes effort to win back the House and hold on to the Senate next year.”

LATOURETTE UPDATE. Story here. “Since launching a government relations and lobbying subsidiary of the McDonald Hopkins law firm this year, former Bainbridge Township GOP Rep. Steve LaTourette and his wife, Jennifer, have amassed a roster of blue chip clients.”

WILLIAM GINSBURG, 70. CNN. “The attorney was known for being one of the first people to appear on all five major Sunday news talk shows on a single day during the Lewinsky scandal in the late 1990s, after the intern admitted to sexual activities with then-President Bill Clinton.”

FL: STRAW DONOR CASE. Story here. “Cereceda and brother Kemel Cereceda will have to pay over $100,000 in fines, plus another $40,00 each to two charities, according to the plea deal. The men will have to serve three years of probation, including 60 days house arrest — after serving three days in jail.”


PA: NO LIMITS IN PITTSBURGH. Story here. “Judge Joseph James voided the contribution limits in the Pittsburgh mayor’s race Tuesday, finding that an excess contribution by a candidate no longer in the race had triggered their suspension.”


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