Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 5/7

LEVINSON ON SEC PROSPECTS. Here. “An unlikely government agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, may help to stem the tide of undisclosed money pumping through our political system in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC.”

KAISER’S NEW BOOK PREVIEW. The Post. If you’re a fan of these kinds of books like me, you probably can’t wait to read Robert Kaiser’s new book. The Post is running some excerpts chronicling Dodd-Frank’s 18-month “odyssey”.

MENENDEZ QUESTIONS. Story here. “All the while, a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into Menendez’s conduct persists, with many of the same questions about politics, money and influence that have dogged members of Congress through history: When does helping a supporter become a quid pro quo?”

AL: FOLLOW THE MONEY ONLINE. Story here. “The Alabama secretary of state’s office plans to launch a searchable online database of campaign donations by the end of May. It will replace the old system of candidates filing paper documents with the secretary of state, and then the secretary’s staff scanning them for display on the office’s website.”

CO: GESSLER FUND OK. Story here. “The state’s ethics commission voted 3-2 Monday to allow Secretary of State Scott Gessler to establish a legal defense fund to fight potential criminal charges over whether he used taxpayer money to attend a partisan event.”

GA: ETHICS DEAL LAW. News here. “Gov. Nathan Deal signed historic ethics reform legislation Monday that for the first time will limit what lobbyists can spend wining and dining elected officials.”

NJ: CFR OVERHAUL. Story here. “Two Democratic senators have introduced legislation to overhaul New Jersey’s campaign finance laws by requiring candidates, political parties and nonprofit groups to disclose all their donors, even those that make small contributions under $300.”

NY: CONSULTANT LOBBYIST BAN PROPOSED. Story here. “Any firms that provide campaign management, fundraising services, public relations, development of campaign literature and ads, and strategic advice to a campaign will be prohibited from lobbying state officials on legislation, regulatory changes, budget items and procurement of services.”

SC: ETHICS BILL REWRITE. Story here. ”State Senate leaders say more changes are coming to an ethics reform package that passed the S.C. House last week.”

TX: SESSION FUNDRAISING BAN IN THE NEWS. Here. “Last week, longtime Perry fundraiser Katie Herries contacted major Republican donors to set up times for Perry to call them today, according to a report from The Dallas Morning News.”


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