Good morning, here are Monday’s political law links, 6.24.13

REVOLVING DOOR ISSUES AND THE FCC. The Post. “The real problems crop up when the revolving door turns the other way, carrying people from the FCC to private industry. The prospect of a future lobbying job is a powerful inducement for public officials to take industry-friendly positions.”

SITE QUESTIONS. WS. “Reports surfaced earlier this week that the webpage of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) appears to have been purchased and hosted by City of New York.”

SORRY, CHARLIE. The Post. “Charlie Spies knows how to raise money. The Republican lawyer helped rake in $153 million for Restore Our Future, the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC.” The story goes on to explain that donors may not be “renengaging” this year, yet.

SETTLEMENTS WITHOUT ADMISSIONS. The Times discusses the SEC’s new approach here. “In a departure from long-established practice, the recently confirmed chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White, said this week that defendants would no longer be allowed to settle some cases while ‘neither admitting nor denying’ wrongdoing.”

NEW PAC LAUNCH. Here. “Republican Richard Pombo is back in politics.”

AL: EASIER TO SEARCH. News here. “As state politicians and hopefuls announce their 2014 bids for office, the public has a new and easier way to track campaign contributions.”

AZ: NEW LAW AND COMPLAINTS. Story here. “An election overhaul bill Brewer signed Wednesday contains a provision allowing the secretary of state to send campaign finance complaints against the attorney general to the county attorney in the jurisdiction where the violation allegedly occurred.”

DC: GUILTY PLEA. Story here. “Lee A. Calhoun, a 65-year-old principal at the accounting firm of Bazilio Cobb Associates, pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court for the District to one misdemeanor count of making contributions in the name of another. Between 2002 and 2011, he was directed to donate to more than 30 campaigns and then reimbursed through ‘bonuses’ by the former director of the firm, Jeffrey E. Thompson, according to his attorney.”

DC: THOMPSON ISSUES. Story here. “D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton today said she reviewed her campaign files and found about $20,000 in tainted contributions from people associated with Thompson, who is under federal criminal investigation for a widespread, nationwide scheme to use ‘straw donors’ to make campaign contributions that actually originated with Thompson. The scheme allegedly lasted from 2002 until last year.”

IA: RTL CASE REVIEW. Here. “The 8th Circuit struck down part of Iowa’s election law, making it easier for special interest groups to spend on behalf of, but not coordinate with, political campaigns.”

MN: LOVE AND LOBBYING: IT’S COMPLICATED. Star Trib. “‘Honey, would you take out the garbage?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Honey, can we go out for dinner?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Honey, can you vote for a $27 million contract for my client?’ You see where this is going.”

VA: MCDONNELL DRIP. The Post. “Federal authorities are asking Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s associates about previously undisclosed gifts given by a campaign donor to McDonnell’s wife that total tens of thousands of dollars and include money and expensive designer clothing, according to people familiar with the inquiry.”


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