Tuesday’s political law links, 7.9.13

EX-LOBBYIST HIRED. WS. “Former health care lobbyist Chris Jennings has been hired by the Obama administration.”

CONTRACTOR LOBBYING ISSUES. NRO. “As you may know, in theory, all federal contractors are required to disclose the details of their lobbying activities, and it’s technically illegal for contractors to use any federal money to lobby for additional federal projects.”

SUPER PAC NUMBERS. Politico. “The Democratic super PAC working to elect House Democrats raised just north of $3 million in the first six months of 2013, the group announced Monday.”

BEN & JERRY & CFR. Here. “The Ben & Jerry’s co-founder has devoted himself to various political causes over the course of his career; this summer, it’s a quest to remove corporate money from politics.”

FEC AGENDA. The agenda for Thursday’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

CA: BROWN AIDE NAMED FOR FPPC ED. LAT. “A top advisor to Gov. Jerry Brown was appointed Friday as executive director of the state’s campaign watchdog agency.”

FL: MESSAGE FINE. Story here. “Word to the wise aspiring politicians: If you omit financial information when disclosing your personal net worth to voters, you will get caught.”

NV: ETHICS ALLERGY. Here. “The five major ethics bills designed to limit politicians and provide transparency and accountability to the citizens of Nevada (Senate Bill 49, Assembly Bill 77, AB438, AB407 and SB194) all failed.”


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