7.23.13 political law links

16 PACE. The Post. “‘We are going to continue to see the outsourcing of core functions of the DNC and RNC to outside groups,’ said election law attorney Robert Kelner, referring to the Democratic and Republican national committees.”

FARA LOBBYING #’S. BLT. “Patton Boggs received payments totaling $1.9 million for lobbying work performed on behalf of overseas governments during the first half of 2013, according to a report filed with the U.S. Department of Justice last week.”

FL: NEW LAW. Story here. “A new law going into effect just in time for the 2014 election will allow politicians in Florida to raise more money per individual donor than they’ve been able to in more than 20 years.”

IL: FBI QUESTIONS. Story here. “Ald. Joe Moore (49th) said Monday he’s been questioned by the FBI about allegations by a ‘disgruntled employee’ he called ‘completely false’: that he used his taxpayer-funded ward office to do political work and paid the employee to try and cover it up.”

NY: POST ON CUOMO. Here. “When it comes to campaign-finance reform, Andrew Cuomo is sounding a lot like St. Augustine before he changed: ‘Lord, make me chaste — but not yet.'”

PA: NO CFR APPETITE. Story here. “Hey everybody, it’s time for another story about campaign finance reform in Pennsylvania!”

TX: LEFTOVER USES. Story here. “Over the past two decades, 16 former members of the Texas congressional delegation left office with money remaining in their campaign accounts.”

VA: RGA LAUNCH. Politico. “A GOP strategist tracking the gubernatorial air war said that the heavily-funded committee has begun booking airtime statewide starting Wednesday.”

VA: FIRST LADY FOCUS. The Post. “A Rolex, cruising in a Ferrari, a shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman, wedding catering, flying in a private jet, a lake-house vacation.”

WI: WALKER REPORT DUE. Story here. “The campaign finance report due to the Government Accountability Board will show all activity through June 30.”


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