Political law links, TGIF ed. 7.26

IS YOUR ASSOCIATION EFFECTIVE? APCO. “APCO Worldwide unveiled today the first quantitative study evaluating the effectiveness of trade and professional associations, TradeMarks, announced Bryan Dumont, president of APCO Insight.”

SAME SEX COUPLE CONTRIBUTION UPDATE. Politico. “Married same-sex couples may now make joint federal campaign contributions from an individual bank account, as heterosexual married couples have long been allowed to do.”

AT THE MOVIES AND CONTRACTOR BAN LAWSUIT COVERAGE. DC. “If campaign finance laws exist in the movies, Iron Man can contribute to whatever candidate or party he wants, but the Incredible Hulk cannot. In fact, if the Hulk makes a contribution, he could face a prison sentence of up to five years — not that any prison could hold him.”

CFR POLL HIT. WFB. “Campaign finance experts criticized a new survey from a group that advocates corporate disclosure of political spending, saying it uses unscientific polling techniques to falsely tout corporate support for disclosure.”

AZ: NEW DIRECTOR. Story here. “An attorney who advised Arizona’s public campaign finance agency while working as an assistant state attorney general will be its next director.”

DC: BARRY PAYS. News here. “Marion Barry has paid $6,800 of a $13,600 fine on Thursday to resolve an ethics complaint over taking cash from two construction companies.”

KY: GRIMES DRAWS COMPLAINT. Story here. “A county clerk in southeastern Kentucky has asked the Executive Branch Ethics Commission to determine the propriety of a fundraising email sent last wek to government email accounts by Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.”

VT: LOBBYIST DISCLOSURE DELAYED. Story here. “The Secretary of State’s office held an all-day staff meeting, which meant they didn’t have enough manpower to supply photocopied forms for public consumption by the end of the day.”


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