No RGIII, only today’s political law links

MEMBER WEALTH.  Roll Call.  “Rep. Darrell Issa — long one of the wealthiest lawmakers — is now the richest member of Congress with a reported minimum net worth of more than $355 million.”

TREASURER RESIGNS.  Story here.  “The treasurer of former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s campaign committee has resigned less than a month after Jackson and his wife, Sandi, were sentenced to prison for the misuse of about $750,000 in campaign funds to buy luxury goods, vacations and celebrity memorabilia.”

DROPPING THE “L” WORD.  Story here.  “Leaders of a group that has long represented the lobbying industry recommend on Monday that it remove the word ‘lobbyist’ from its name.”

GAMES LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Activision has gone out and hired a lobbyist—one of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington—for representation when Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s violent video games bill, which would order research into any causal links between violent video games and violent behavior, comes to the Senate floor.”

NOMINEES SET TO MOVE.  Senate Rules.  “There will be a meeting of the Committee on Rules and Administration to conduct an executive business meeting to consider the nominations of Ann Miller Ravel and Lee E. Goodman to be members of the Federal Election Commission.

MI:  ALLEGED EMBEZZLEMENT.  Story here.  “A former employee at a Grand Rapids political consulting firm allegedly embezzled $120,000 from the company and spent at least some of the funds on Keno, court records show.”

OH:  REQUEST TO INVESTIGATE.  Story here.  “A former political opponent of Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s has emerged to call for an investigation into a contribution to FitzGerald’s gubernatorial campaign.”

WV:  PAC CLEARED.  Story here.  “A Mingo County political action committee’s acceptance of improper contributions didn’t violate any state law, an attorney with the Secretary of State’s office said.”


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