Good morning, Wed. political law links

IPO AND ETHICS.  Here.  “As Wall Street prepares for Twitter to make its initial public offering Thursday, the House Ethics Committee would like to take this “opportunity” to remind members they can’t get in on the stock rush before the general public.”

HACK ATTACK.  Here.  “The Federal Election Commission is trying to deal with attempts by others to hack its website and has moved certain data servers offline.”

STATE MONEY.  The Post.  “Despite a widespread perception that political contributions buy legislative influence, political science has largely failed to find evidence to support this conclusion.”

AZ: FILING IN CASE. Here. “Arizona’s GOP legislative leaders are asking the state Supreme Court to allow higher campaign-donation limits to be reinstated, citing confusion among candidates and donors.”

MN:  UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.  Link.  “Minnesota campaign finance regulators are wrestling with how to maintain proper separation between candidates and political groups independently spending money on key races.”

MT:  LATE FINE.  Here.  “Former Public Service Commissioner John Vincent has agreed to pay a $100 fine for filing a 2012 campaign finance report late.”

VA: BLAME. Politico. “Even before Cuccinelli delivered his concession speech, the candidate’s close allies were beginning to blame outside groups for not helping out more.”

AUSTRALIA:  LAW CHALLENGED.  Here.  “The New South Wales union movement has begun a High Court challenge to the NSW Government’s electoral donation laws.”


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