Political law links and Happy Thanksgiving

ROBOCALL RULING. WTHR. “A federal appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling limiting Indiana’s ban on political robo-calls to in-state telephone calls only.”

IPOS AND THE STOCK ACT. Legistorm. “Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has received special access to initial public offerings since he hired his Morgan Stanley stockbroker in 2003. But as the freshman Democrat is now learning, elite access to IPOs doesn’t fly as a member of Congress.”

DC: BOARD CALLS FOR CAMPAIGN TO STOP. DCist.com. “Lawyer and former At-Large Council candidate Paul Zukerberg has hit yet another roadblock in his quest to become D.C.’s first-ever elected attorney general. Last week, Zukerberg was ordered by the D.C. Office of Campaign finance to put an end to his attorney general campaign.”

GA: TAXPAYER FUNDS FOR CAMPAIGNING. 11alive.com. “What happens when an elected official spends taxpayer money on her own political campaign?”

MA: PERSONAL USE ISSUES. Boston Business Journal. “Four-star hotels and gifts to supporters. Fees for some lawyers and payments for storage. Tickets for airlines and meat for the grill, these are a few of our favorite things … that is, if you’re a state lawmaker with campaign cash to spare.”

NY: CHALLENGE UPDATE. CapitalNY. “One of the most influential Republican lawyers in Georgia wants to join a fight to end contribution limits to political action committees in New York State.”

HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING! I’ll send around the next set of links on Monday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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