Time for some political law links, 1-23-14

WHY INVESTIGATE RADEL?  Roll Call.  “In short, House rules require an Ethics investigation after a member is convicted and sentenced for a felony but leave it to the committee’s discretion as to whether to investigate members’ other involvement with the criminal justice system. Here, the Ethics Committee decided Radel’s circumstances warranted probing.”

REID PROBE URGED.  Fox.  “D.C.-based Cause of Action argue in a letter to ethics committee chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer and ranking Republican Sen. Jonny Isakson that by urging expedited approval of a specific set of visa applications, Mr. Reid may have run afoul of the Senate’s Code of Official Conduct.”

COMPLAINT FILED.  Politico.  “An anti-Hillary Clinton group has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against the former secretary of state and an independent group promoting her potential 2016 presidential bid.”

AD WARS 14.  Story here.  “The Republican Party of Florida has demanded a local television affiliate cease airing a spot from a GOP super PAC, according to a letter obtained by CQ Roll Call.”

AZ:  HORNE SEEKS SETTLEMENT.  Fox.  “Lawyers for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne are asking an administrative law judge hearing his campaign finance violation case to hold a settlement conference before the case is heard next month.”

CA:  TWO CHARGED.  NBC.   “The U.S. Attorney’s office has released information that a tech CEO and a former San Diego police detective are accused of illegally funneling more than $500,000 to San Diego political campaigns in hopes of influencing elections, including the 2013 special mayoral election.”

NM:  LAW LIMITED.  Story here.  “Because the session of the Legislature that began Tuesday is a short one (30 days) and largely limited to budget issues, Wirth needs the approval of Gov. Susana Martinez for his legislation to be considered.”

VA:  ASHBY ON US V. MCDONNELL.  Here.  “Bob McDonnell faces a long, costly, draining fight versus a merciless adversary.”

VA:  OVERREACH ALLEGED.  Politico.  “Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday evening vehemently defended himself against accusations that he accepted illegal gifts from businessman Jonnie Williams, calling prosecutorial action against him “overreach” by the federal government and vowing to fight the charges.”

VA:  WORKING ON ETHICS.  NBC29.  “The timing of the McDonnell corruption case isn’t lost on Virginia lawmakers.”


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