Wed. political law links, 2-26-14

74,000 COMMENTS ON IRS RULE AND COUNTING.  Forbes.  “While it may be that some advocacy groups are sorting out how to best approach the proposed rules – or whether to simply wait and see – it’s clear that there is considerable opposition to the [rules] as written.”

ASAE HITS IRS RULES.  PR Newswire.  “In comments submitted to the Internal Revenue Service last week, ASAE said that proposed rules limiting political activity by 501(c)(4) organizations could have a ‘chilling effect’ on nonprofits’ advocacy efforts.”

BYE, BYE BIENNIAL LIMITS.  Wertheimer.  “If the Court was to strike down the overall contributions limits, the legal and political consequences would be enormous…”

MCCUTCHEON EXPECTED.  “A decision about campaign donations and ‘free speech’ is expected soon from the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that could end donation limits from individuals to federal candidates and their parties.”  I’ve never seen scare quotes for “free speech” before…

CUYAHOGA COUNTY CONVENTION?  Newsnet5.  “Cuyahoga County Council has approved a $2.5 million contribution towards a bid to host a 2016 national political convention.”

SUPER PACS IN LOCAL ELECTIONS.  Detroit Free Press.  “The torrent of outside money that has flooded presidential and congressional races in recent years is flowing into down-ballot contests coast to coast – driven by new, well-funded super PACs and court decisions easing restrictions on corporate and union spending in American elections.”

PIKE EXPLORING.  Pocono Record.  “An exploratory committee is a way to raise and spend money without filing with the Federal Election Commission.”

CU:  TARGET IRS.  MJ.  “Now Citizens United, the conservative group behind the case that bears its name, has set its sights on a new target: the IRS.”

NM:  PUBLIC FINANCING COMPLAINT.  “Mayoral candidate Javier Gonzales and labor leader Jon Hendry on Monday adamantly denied they worked in concert to sidestep the Santa Fe’s public campaign financing code, responding to a complaint before the city Ethics and Campaign Review Board.”

NY:  TIMES ON CFR.  NYT.  “Campaign finance reform is incredibly important, but, frankly, it’s not very sexy.”


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