Tues. political law links

YESTERDAY’S LINKS.  If you missed yesterday’s political law links due to snow, click here.

LERNER LATEST.  The Hill.  “The House oversight committee on Monday released emails between its staff and an attorney for former IRS official Lois Lerner, seeking to back up Chairman Darrell Issa’s assertion that Lerner had agreed to answer questions Wednesday in a public hearing.”

2ND SUPER PAC.  Tampa Bay Times.  “A new Super PAC has emerged in the race for Trey Radel’s old seat, and it’s already running a TV ad attacking candidate Curt Clawson.”

DONORS AND STRATEGY.  NYT.  “Clubs of elite donors in both parties are taking a more central role in shaping policy and campaigns, displacing party leaders and the outside-spending organizations they helped create after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010.”

BITCOIN REQUEST AGAIN.  H&K.  “It is unclear that anything at the Commission has changed since November that would prompt it to overtly approve Bitcoin transactions in this case. However, MYL PAC’s decision to highlight potential transparency issues is certain to result in additional informative discussion regarding the potential use of virtual currencies by federal political committees.”

FL:  CCE’S IN THE NEWS.  TampaBay.com.  “Ironically, the Republican-controlled Legislature last year changed its campaign finance laws in an attempt to put an end to the abuse of political committees known as Committees of Continuous Existence, or CCEs. The old law banned legislators from using the money for their own campaigns but allowed them to raise unlimited funds, write checks to other candidates and finance personal entertainment, travel meals and other lavish expenses.”

PA:  SUPER PAC EYES.  USAT.  “A federal super PAC aligned with Democrats is suing to overturn Pennsylvania’s law banning corporate and union contributions to political action committees — the latest sign that deep-pocketed super PACs are gearing up to shape state contests.”


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