April 15, 2014 political law links

SUPREMES CONSIDER LYING IN POLITICS.  Roll Call.  “The Supreme Court has made pretty clear that putting your money where your mouth is deserves broad protection as a form of free political speech. The justices are about to consider whether outright lying in a campaign deserves a similar First Amendment shield.”

OVERTURN MCCUTCHEON?  WCFCourier.com.  “The five Democratic candidates vying to succeed U.S. 1st District Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, all said they would work to legislatively overturn the McCutcheon ruling, as well as the Citizens United v. FEC ruling from 2010.”

NEXT FOR BACKER.  MJ.  “Backer’s victory is shining some light on another high-profile cause of his: Convincing Sarah Palin to run for US Senate.”

LEGAL FEES NOTED.  WP.  “According to her FEC report, McMorris Rodgers paid a total of $42, 325 in legal fees over the first three months of this year to D.C.-based firm McGuireWoods.”

ENVIRONMENTAL FUND$.  Bloomberg.  “Two of the nation’s largest environmental groups are combining forces to raise $5 million for the 2014 election to blunt better-financed efforts by industry groups fighting tougher climate-change laws.”

SUPER PAC RAISES.  Bloomberg.  “American Crossroads raised $5.5 million in the first three months of this year, almost all of it in March, the group said in a written statement.”

DONOR RACE.  USAT.  “Political parties, election lawyers and some donors are racing to capitalize on the Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down the overall limits on what wealthy contributors can give to candidates, parties and political action committees.”

AZ:  NO VIOLATION.  Arizona Daily Star.  “Attorney General Tom Horne did not violate campaign finance laws in his successful 2010 election, a state administrative law judge ruled Monday.”  I definitely want to read the opinion.  If it doesn’t pop up somewhere it should be online at the AZ OAH decision search page here soon.

CA:  LA CFR URGED.  LAT.  “Bobby Shriver, the first Los Angeles County supervisorial contender in 18 years to opt out of voluntary campaign spending limits, is calling for a major overhaul of county election laws, including lifting fundraising restrictions on candidates who use personal wealth to help pay for their campaigns.”

WI:  ELLIS WON’T RUN AGAIN.  Badger Herald.  “Wisconsin state Sen. Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, has decided to forgo his 2014 re-election bid in light of a recently released and controversial video by Project Veritas.”

CAN:  LOBBYIST RULES DETER.  Thespec.com.  “[PJ] Mercanti warns that given an option between building a hotel in a city with a lobbyist registry and one without, his company would likely choose the one without.”


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